Being a 'digital nomad' or 'location independent business owner' comes with a TON of perks. We get to set our own terms, work our own hours and jump on a last minute flight if it tickles our fancy.
But what about the down sides? What about when we want a little more human interaction in our lives? Or when we want to connect with others working in the same way we do?

We've all heard of co-working. But what about co-living or co-travelling?

There are more and more options popping up around the globe catering to the laptop lifestyle and the community surrounding it - Welcome to the wonderful world of digital nomad trips, retreats and international experiences!

A new way for digital nomads to 
meet, travel, explore, connect, and network.

Digital Nomad Co-Living Retreats

Due to COVID19 some trips have been cancelled or altered. Please check the retreat websites for the newest updates on retreats in your area/ones that are safe for you to travel to.

Fully immersive 2+ week experiences that bring together online entrepreneurs from all over the globe - living, working and experiencing a new country together.


Integrate work & life in fully immersive productivity and wellbeing paradises that 
empower you with the tools & habits for thriving in the future location-flexible workplace.

Carefully designed immersive remote work experiences that boost your productivity, health and personal / professional development.

The Three Pillars 

Effective Remote Work
Improve your focus and get meaningful work done. Learn, practice and master the most valuable skill of the XXI century: Deep Work. Enter in a state of flow, with minimal distraction and enhanced cognitive capability.

Understanding and strengthening the mind-body connection is a pathway to a better life. Dive into daily mindfulness and fitness practices for you to optimize mental and physical performance.

Growth & Self-Discovery
Boost your personal and professional development learning directly from experts in a range of topics. Immerse in an environment conducive to learning, sharing and growing.

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Join experts & mentors in a variety of workshops and sessions that will help you create better habits.

Improve your mindfulness, performance, nutrition, sleep, fitness and more.


Retreats designed for people who have left the traditional office environment and are able to work independent of location. We bring digital nomads, entrepreneurs & freelancers together to a bucket-list destination for 3 weeks.

This workation enables you to travel, work and meet other nomads who are ready to share their experiences.

Due to COVID19 some trips have been cancelled or altered. Please check the Work Wanderers website for the newest updates on retreats in your area/ones that are safe for you to travel to.

When you join a retreat, you join a community of digital nomads, entrepreneurs and freelancers from all over the world.

Explore a new city together, learn from each other and share the skills you've attained that allow you to live this lifestyle.

Meet friends that will last a lifetime, find that co-founder you've been searching for and grow your network of connections that span worldwide.

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* The Digital Nomad Society is a registered affiliate of these companies. This means that we receive a small kick-back for each person that signs up via our links.

This ALSO means that each company has been vetted and we 100% stand behind their core values and overall objective(s). We do not endorse any trip or company we have not either experienced or spoken/worked directly with the owner of.

By choosing to use our affiliate link you are providing us the chance to validate the information / experience first hand; therefore guaranteeing they are of merit.

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